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HIV/Aids has been considered one of Africa's greatest tragedies. Its impact has devastated millions of families across the continent, setting off a chain reaction that continues to be felt in loss of life and unfathomable hopelessness. Urgent intervention has been needed. SU has responded with cutting-edge curriculum aimed at providing young people with the decision-making tools to combat the scourge of HIV/Aids, giving them a future and hope.

SU's Lifeskills curriculum has been crafted from a Christian-based values approach and has been enthusiastically accepted by educational specialists throughout South Africa. It is presented at the invitation of the school authorities in Primary and High Schools throughout the Nation and has been enthusiastically accepted by educational specialists throughout the Nation.

Sakh’ulutsha is a section 18A organisation as an arm of SU that sees life skills as a critical part of our schools ministry. 

We currently offer the following curriculum throughout schools in South Africa:

  1. It’s Your Move: A Life skills programme aimed at preparing Grade 7’s to transition smoothly to Secondary School
  2. Awareness Programmes (Entrepreneurship, Lifes kills, Career advice, Etc.)
  3. Empowerment Camps for Youth (Capacity Development)
  4. Youth-driven Community Projects, Youth-Led Dialogue; Lobbying and Advocacy
  5. Motivational Talks and Assemblies
  6. Sport Coaching and Tournaments

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you serve the young people in your school or community.

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