Who We Are

At SU South Africa, our mission is clear: leading young people to know and walk with God. If you share our passion for evangelism and guiding young hearts, you’re in the right place. We’re dedicated to reaching young minds during the critical “4/14 window,” typically between ages 10 and 19, igniting a lifelong journey of faith. Our focus isn’t just on conversion but on nurturing a daily relationship with God. We champion ministries that introduce youth to Jesus and support them in their daily walk, including fostering a healthy habit of personal Bible reading. We believe young people aren’t just tomorrow’s leaders but leaders today. Together, we can unlock their immense potential and impact. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to lead young hearts to a deeper relationship with God, one step at a time. Together, let’s transform lives and bring hope to every corner of South Africa.



Every young person transformed by Jesus and filled with hope

Where would we all love to see the young people of our beloved country in 5 years’ time? You’ll probably agree that we want to see EVERY young person transformed by Christ and filled with hope. Can you see a generation living in hope, despite the giants that have faced and continue to face South Africa?

As Christians and Christian ministries in South Africa, we have to join hands to see this dream come true, against the odds. It’s high time for Christians across all traditional boundaries to set aside differences, rather majoring on the important things – and tackling the task together.

Only through being transformed by Christ, can our young people live differently – and experience hope. We are interested in the whole person, and believe that the Gospel is more that just a conversion experience. Building relationships of trust, and earning the right to speak into the lives of young people, is an ideal way to achieve this vision.


Leading young people to know and walk with God

Do you have a heart for Evangelism and discipling young people? Fantastic, so do we! Being at the cutting edge of the “4/14 window” gives us passion: reaching young people when they’re still young, ideally between the ages of 10 and 19. We’re on a mission to lead young people to know and walk with God. SU is keen to partner around ministries to young people that introduce them to Jesus, and then help them to walk every day with Him – such as encouraging a healthy personal daily Bible-reading habit.

So, of course, evangelistic ministries really grab our attention – as do ministries that help young South Africans live for Jesus each day. Isn’t this an exciting quest? Young people aren’t the leaders of tomorrow: they are the leaders of today and can play a key role in ministry too. There is massive potential to unlock: let’s do this!

OUR HIstory

In a country with a horrific past of colonialism and apartheid, SU South Africa has been alive for more than a century – initially gaining momentum as a Bible-reading society / union.

Even before SU’s formal start with Hippo Millard in 1924 (we’re about to celebrate our 100th anniversary), passionate volunteers reached young people all over the country, with Scripture-reading cards in English, isi-Xhosa, isi-Zulu and Afrikaans.

The more exciting programmes from the UK, like Beach Missions and Schools Ministry, have grown from sandy beginnings into a range of relationally-based, contextually relevant ministries that are run in partnership with local churches.

Our Values


— Faith Filled

We look to God for our provision. Although we apply our minds and best efforts to the task, God will provide what we need.


—Integrity Filled

Character matters. We will act and speak in a way that brings trust.

— Contextual

We seek to understand the times and our surroundings so that the Gospel can be communicated clearly.

— Enabling

We seek out opportunities to empower others because through capacity building we grow God’s Kingdom.


— Discipling

We desire for ourselves and others to be like Jesus. We must make disciples—Jesus calls us to this as our main task as we follow Him. (Mt. 28:16-20)

News and Updates


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