Youth Leaders Training 2023

What is your church doing to train and empower your youth leadership teams?

At SU we recognize the significance of equipping leaders to effectively minister to young people and build their faith. Our desire is to support those leaders who are in need of training, offering them the necessary tools and guidance to make a lasting impact.

By investing in leader development, we empower them to navigate the challenges faced by today’s youth and guide them towards a deeper understanding of contextual engagement.

We have a team of well seasoned leaders who are ready to share their expertise and help grow a new generation of strong leaders who can inspire and transform the lives of young people. These are the topics that will be covered at the training day:

  • Staying Grounded in God’s Strength: Leading with Humility and Authenticity
  • Disciple-making like Jesus: Numbers Aren’t Everything
  • Inspired to Dream: Reimagining Youth Ministry for Lasting Impact
  • Emotional First Aid: Supporting Youth Facing Trauma
  • Bible Engagement: Relatable, Relational, and Relevant
  • Ministry Resources: Accessible, Effective, and Contextual

Date and time: 8:30-15:00, 26th August

Place: Good Shepherd Church, Kensington

Cost: R100


Please email Jody for more info:

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