Gap Year

There are many ways you could spend a year of your life that won’t make a real difference. But there is something that we all know: the world desperately needs leaders who are passionate about Jesus and trying to live out their faith in a genuine, contagious way.

At SU, we can help you become that kind of a leader. As an SU Trendsetter, not only will you deepen your relationship with God and learn skills to help you serve the church and the world, but you will make great friends, discover new things about yourself, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Service is at the heart of what it means to be a Leader. We believe Jesus came to serve, so we take great joy in following his example. Our goal is to strengthen you as a leader, preparing you to make a difference in a complex world. Our vision - leading young people to know and follow God-is at the heart of what we do here at Scripture Union. Whether it’s through holiday clubs, schools ministry, or camping adventures, you will be at the forefront of bringing the gospel and transformation to the lives of kids in desperate need.

But we don’t only want you to grow in service, we want you to grow in your understanding of our Creator. A big part of what it means to be a Trendsetter is the journey to learn more about God so that your life can be fuelled by the truth of His word. A solid theology means better equipping for life and ministry. The year you invest as an SU Trendsetter will pay dividends throughout your life as you acquire the leadership muscle to make a real difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our SU Trendsetter team to find out how you can realise your leadership potential.

Make your next year really count!
The Summit programme is an 11 month programme during which the team lives and works together in a local community, under the leadership of a team leader and a staff member.

The team receives training in discipleship, theology, leadership, youth ministry, counselling, team building, public speaking and the practical skills in SU’s camping, lifeskills and sports outreach programmes. In addition, you may gain credits towards further studies and live communally with other young Christians who are also seeking to serve the Lord in this practical and rewarding way