Update from Ikemeleng Youth Centre

On October 3rd, we held a spring holiday bible club for 5 days with a team of trained leaders. The club’s theme was JP Masks to the rescue and it was well received by the 165+ children who attended. The program was well-planned and structured to provide fun while also teaching the children about Christ. One day, we invited SAPS to share a message of safety and rights with the kids.

Now that schools have reopened, our Ikemeleng team is back at Gordon Primary School teaching life skills. It can be challenging to return to classes during this time of year due to final exams, but we are grateful for the opportunity to teach at the school. We hope to teach at more schools in the future since our team of volunteers has grown.

We have started an Ikemeleng praying team and on October 21st, we invited some individuals who were part of Ikemeleng in the past, including Dr. Frank Shayi. We had a prayer session and shared our vision for the future of Ikemeleng, which includes revamping the whole center to make it more attractive to kids and the people of Alexandra.

We were able to hold an Ikemeleng area camp this year from July 4th-6th at Kadesh Barnear. The camp was for teens and focused on team building and spiritual encouragement. We did an obstacle course to help the youth understand the importance of teamwork, and the talks were inspirational. We also encouraged the young people to have morning devotions at the campsite.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have partnered with different organizations, and the partnership between SA Harvest and Scripture Union has been one of the best. This year, we have been able to feed about 60+ children who come to the center each day. We have also given out food to disadvantaged homes and families. People in the community are now aware that they can come to Ikemeleng to receive food parcels.

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