We believe that God has prepared Scripture Union South Africa for the unique challenges before our school children as they grapple with the impact of COVID-19 on their lives. Sinawe (we are with you) is a programme piloted by SU last year in regions across the country to place specially trained Sinawe Schools Workers in local schools as a source of light and hope for South African school children. These workers provide trauma support for the learners and teachers, teach lifeskills, hold afterschool Christian groups, and serve the school communities in countless other ways as we partner with the Department of Basic Education to bring this programme into more schools around the country. It is time to roll out our successful pilot!

You can help us greatly expand the reach of Sinawe into more communities while also getting extra mileage out of your financial support to SU by giving an ‘end of tax year’ donation to Scripture Union.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) supports donations to qualified NPO/PBOs by offering tax deductions. This means that you or your company is able to reduce its tax liability by making donations of up to 10% of your taxable income to a registered non-profit before the end of the month.

If you are a South African taxpayer, the last day of the South African 2020/2021 Tax Season is Sunday, 28 February 2021. Your generous gift to SU not only benefits SU but can also provide you with a significant personal or corporate tax deduction as well.

Sakh’Ulutsha is a registered not-for-profit, Public Benefit Organization that supports Scripture Union South Africa in its work with children in our local communities. Donations made to Sakh’Ulutsha can be claimed as a qualifying deduction on your tax return (see our banking details below). We will provide you with a section 18A receipt to include in your tax return for your donation.

The process is really that simple.

Please email me at tim@su.org.za if you have any questions.

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Although we don’t know what the year before us will look like, we know that the Sinawe programme is a critical way to bring the hope of the gospel into the schools of our Nation.

Would you consider a generous donation that will help us bring transformation to our local communities?

Thank you for joining with us!