SU’s hope is to equip and transform the youth of South Africa, enabling them to emerge into adulthood free from addictions, HIV and AIDS, low self-esteem and many other negative habits and thought patterns.

The Jika Lifeskills Modules have been developed as a resource to be used with the young people of South Africa. The content has been developed by a number of youth workers in response to the growing issues which many of our young people face.

Each module is practical and interactive. Music, games, dramas, group activities and assessments are all provided to ensure maximum participation and learning. You can preview the available modules below and purchase a digital copy from our online store.
1Why do lifeskills?
Approach. Approach. Approach. Besides the obvious need to be discussing these topics with teenagers, many schools (and teenagers) are more open to allow you to connect with learners when your input doesn’t come from a particular religious view. A lifeskills approach also deals more overtly with the social facts, helping a youth worker from over spiritualising these issues.
2What about Jesus?
We love Jesus and believe, as any youth worker their worth would tell you, that it’s all about relationship. So for us, it’s as much about the content as it is about the people bringing the content. We believe in the power of the ‘ministry of presence’. Jesus in us is after all the hope of the world.
3Where could I use the material?
Everywhere. Except maybe a retirement village. Seriously, everywhere. It’s obviously geared towards a classroom setting (hear mission), but with some smarts (and we know you have them) the modules can be adapted for a Friday night youth evening, a camp session and a school S.C.A group.
4For what age?
So we’re thinking Grade 8-10 but you can go a little lower and much higher if you’re as good a youth worker as we think you are.
5What is the basic format?
Ground-breaking. Introduction, then group time and then that’s a wrap.