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SUIS is based at Em'seni Camp in the foothills of the central Drakensberg and this is where we run the majority of our camps. Our ministry has a national reach and has done missions and visits to schools across the country. However, the majority of our current ministry is in the independent schools of KwaZulu Natal. We specialise in running camps aimed at teenagers within independent schools, however the camps are not exclusive and are thoroughly enjoyed by young people from all schools.

We also focus on training Christian leaders in the schools through our Unity Leadership programme with the idea that well equipped peer ministry is some of the most effective ministry within schools.

We share our staff and volunteer ministry team with Em'seni camp as the two ministries have a dynamic partnership.
Ali Coleman is the SUIS Regional Director (KZN) and can be contacted by email on alison@su.org.za
Henry Bro is Director of Em'seni Camp with oversight over the SUIS ministry and can be contacted by email on Hemsenidirector@gmail.com
Sarah-Lynn Robertson heads up our administration. Email: suis@su.org.za
Cindy Bro is also part of both Em'seni and SUIS teams and is our marketing manager and GAP Year coordinator: Email: marketing@emsenicamp.co.za


play a significant role in the ministry of SUIS. Below are the various ways in which you can volunteer.

Camp Leadership

SUIS has always drawn on volunteer students from around the country to be involved in the leadership teams for our camps. These students are an invaluable part of the ministry and many of them have attended the schools we are involved with and/or been on camps themselves.

School Support

There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer to support the existing ministry of a Chaplain in a school. To volunteer please contact us and we will put you in touch with the Support (SUSS) coordinator nearest your place of study.

Summit Team

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