SU Western Cape Holiday Club Leaders Training

This last few weeks have been an inspiring and energetic time for SU Western Cape as we hosted our Holiday Club Leaders Training.

The SU house was buzzing with excitement as 95 passionate leaders came together, all eager to learn and prepare for the upcoming SU Holiday Clubs. These leaders are committed to bringing the Gospel and a wealth of joy to the kids in their local communities.

Training Highlights

Our training sessions were designed to be immersive and practical.  Through experiencing activities and scenarios from a child’s perspective, the leaders gained valuable insights into what engages young hearts and minds. This hands-on approach helps our leaders understand what kids love and what challenges they might face, ensuring that every aspect of our Holiday Clubs is tailored to create a positive and impactful experience.

Alix Hermanus, one of our enthusiastic leaders in training, shared her thoughts on the experience:

“Holiday Bible Club training was great. We as leaders really learned a lot. Being put in the children’s shoes, we could really see how it is like for them, we could see what they dislike and like, and that’s something we can now use in preparation for Holiday Bible Club. It was good seeing how much people, no matter what age, were enjoying training and how they were learning new things too. One thing that definitely stood out for me was how people who were in the club as children used their knowledge from that time to now teach the younger ones and to encourage the other leaders at training. I cannot wait for Holiday Bible Club to start.”

Alix’s reflections capture the essence of our training – a blend of learning, joy, and community. Seeing former club attendees now stepping into leadership roles is a testament to the lasting impact of our Holiday Clubs. Their experiences and enthusiasm are invaluable as they guide and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Keep an eye on our socials for our next Holiday Club Training.

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