Soweto shines for Jesus

In the heart of Soweto, Scripture Union is making waves with its dynamic outreach programs. Inspired by Jesus’ words, “Let the little children come to me, do not keep them away, for the Kingdom of heaven is theirs,” we have been working tirelessly to connect young hearts with God. Our mission is to ensure that no child feels overlooked because of their youth, and to remind them of their Creator.

Since we began our ministry in June, we have established meaningful relationships with five schools: Siyabonga Secondary School, Girls High School, Forte Secondary School, Naledi High School, and Lavela Secondary School. These connections have opened doors to assemblies, Christian groups, and engaging activities that nurture the spiritual growth of children.

Our vision extends beyond schools as we strive to build bridges with local churches. We are excited to report promising progress in partnering with the Body of Christ within the community. One of our recent successes includes collaboration with Sekwanele Nginethemba NPO, which led to a fruitful Holiday Club last October.

Looking ahead, we are eagerly planning a September camp and a collaborative Holiday Club involving three churches. We ask for your prayers and support as we continue our journey to transform the lives of young people in Soweto.

Let’s stand together for #SOWETOFORJESUS!


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