Chad Broom is the new Regional Director for SU South Coast since Jan 2018, he has a long association with SU going back to his childhood. In 1997 he was roped in by Di Evans to help with presenting lifeskills at schools, youth leadership training and join the SU South Coast committee. He primarily been a pastor in a number of Churches and is busy winding down his role as pastor of the Alfred County Presbyterian Church in Port Shepstone. From January 2019 He will be full time with SU. He comes with a passion for disciple-making and believes God has an amazing plan for the work of SU amongst children and teenagers.
Three new SU groups have been started this year at Hibiscus Primary School in Margate, RA Engar Primary School in Port Shepstone and Siphakmile Secondary in Boboyi. We are grateful to Chris Anderson of Margate Baptist Church for taking on the leadership of Hibiscus Primary School.