KZN South Coast

is known to most to be an ideal holiday destination and it is a lovely place to live. However, the coastal belt also stretches inland 120 km and there are over 500 schools in this region of which SU South Coast is in only 20.
Our vision is to see SU groups in all 500 schools where relational discipleship takes place.
When children gather in small groups weekly around God's Word lives are changed. They discover that they can know and walk with Jesus.
So our Mission then is to break new ground by training the right volunteers to start SU groups in schools. Christian teachers, youth workers, and pastors are especially well positioned to help with this but many mature Christians who are able to give an hour a week can make a difference.
If you think you could be a part of this disciple-making mission in schools and communities then get in touch with us today.
Call us at 039 6855888 and if we are out in the field doing ministry then leave a voice message and we will get back to you. Otherwise, email
Let's go and make disciples of all nations together.