Sensational Holiday Club Season

The Justice Generation Holiday Club season has concluded with resounding success, inspiring every child to become their own superhero within their communities, families, and friendship circles. We supported 22 holiday clubs scattered across various areas in Cape Town, empowering young leaders to make a positive difference in their churches and communities. We achieved this through training sessions, resource sharing, and prayer, the initiative aimed to equip each club with the tools and motivation necessary to create a positive impact within their communities.

One clubber who attended the Heideveld Holiday Club shared her exhilarating experience. As a first-time attendee, she was captivated by the sense of excitement throughout the week. She not only formed two new friendships but also engaged in enriching Bible stories and crafted superhero masks, aligned with the week’s theme. Her enthusiasm for future holiday clubs reflected the club’s remarkable impact on her young mind.

A remarkable aspects of Holiday Club was witnessing the passion and dedication displayed by the leaders. From the Coordinator and Director to group leaders and workcrew members, each role was embraced with unwavering commitment. Their presence and guidance not only ensured the smooth running of holiday club but also created a warm and welcoming environment for the children.

One leader expressed the week as an awe-inspiring journey where strangers evolved into a closely-knit family. The shared sense of purpose and community left an indelible mark on their hearts, making the holiday club an experience that would forever hold a special place within them.

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