Safe Spaces, Bright Futures

As I reflect on my time at Norma Road Primary, I feel privileged to be on this journey with 40 incredible learners in my two life skills classes. This term, our focus was on values, and it was truly inspiring to witness the impact it had on these young minds.

We began by discussing the importance of values and encouraged each student to choose two that resonated with them. However, putting those values into practice was not an easy task for many. They were accustomed to destructive patterns and feared judgment from their peers. Nevertheless, I was determined to create a safe space where they could grow and learn together.

One particular student, a young lady, chose “confidence and trust” as her values. I was overjoyed to see her radiant with happiness as she shared her journey of self-acceptance and stepping out of her comfort zone. She even volunteered to present an oral in front of her class, embracing her beauty and newfound confidence.

Another student, a young man, struggled with patience, especially when it came to his sister. During a group session, he bravely opened up about losing his temper and reacting impulsively when his sister was bullied. The support he received from his classmates was heartwarming. They advised him to control his emotions, ask questions, and express himself calmly. He took their advice to heart and later discovered that he had accused an innocent girl. He expressed gratitude for their guidance and acknowledged the need to change his approach.

The transformation I have witnessed in these students fills me with gratitude and excitement. This safe space we have created has allowed them to learn from their mistakes, share their experiences, and grow together. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with these students and witness the power of God’s Word in transforming their lives.

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