Pulse Teen camp 2022

It was an exciting time for the 70 campers and 18 leaders who attended the PULSE Teen Camp at the beautiful Rocklands Centre from 15th to the 18th December 2022. The camp provided an emotionally, spiritually, and socially fulfilling journey for both the teens and the leaders. The campers were able to experience the ups and downs of their faith journey and were reminded every day that they serve a great God who is with them through thick and thin.

The teens had an amazing time at the camp. One of the biggest highlights was seeing them worship with all their hearts and souls, truly immersed in the experience. Their hunger for God’s presence and their desire to learn His word was evident, and it was a privilege for the leaders to witness the growth in their lives over such a short time.

The camp provided a perfect opportunity for the teens to make new friends, have fun, and become part of a family in just a few short days. As the camp came to a close, it was evident that the impact on their lives would be lasting. The camp may have ended, but the transformation in their lives will continue to bear fruit.

The leadership team is grateful for the work that God did at PULSE Teen Camp 2022. The impact that the camp had on the teens was evident, and the leaders are excited to see how the campers will continue to grow in Christ.

PULSE Teen Camp 2022 was a life-changing experience for the campers and leaders alike. It was an unforgettable four-day journey that left a lasting impression on all who attended. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for the campers as they continue on their faith journey. PULSE Teen Camp 2022 was truly an experience of a lifetime!

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