Ministry in the Midlands

The lush KZN Midlands is alive with ministry possibility.

“It’s has been an honor to work with several schools around midlands and Mooi River area this year. There are three schools which currently I am working with, Nottingham Primary, Bruntvile Primary and Emiyezaneni High School. At two of these schools I run School Christian groups while the other one I help with life orientation. It is always a joy to see young lives actually getting to hear the word of God taught on a weekly basis. At the Nottingham Primary kids have been so amazing during bible session, one of the girls from grade 4 she has a diary where she writes her notes. So, whenever, a question is asked concerning what they have learned, she would put up her diary and tell me what she wrote. This shows that some kids do take into consideration what they learn. Moreover, I have seen some of the kids from grade 5, who have come out of their comfort zone and asked serious questions concerning their religion. And that has led to fruitful conversations, amazingly some of the kids will even correct others when they ask similar questions. In that way they explain what they understood about God who is the Creator. Indeed, it is refreshing and encouraging when kids can answer each other’s question because they have learned something about who God is.

In a similar manner, the high school kids had the same question about their religion and through the session done, they got to see who God is. And some were very glad to hear that there is one God and all of us are born under sin hence in His goodness He sent forth His Son to die for our sins and rose again for our justification. I remember that many of those kids were very thankful to know such an amazing truth, while others did not see that way. So, all this help us to get to share over and over again these truths hoping that God would use His truth to convict them. Therefore, what I have learnt throughout this year is that God is at work in the lives of these kids and it is important to speak the truth in love. So, am grateful to God who has strengthen me this year to carry out a task of sharing His word with the kids in these schools. indeed, He has been faithful throughout.” Sboniso 

We are incredibly grateful for the impactful work being done by Sboniso in the Midlands and Mooi River area through his school ministry. His dedication to spreading the word of God among young lives at Nottingham Primary, Bruntvile Primary, and Emiyezaneni High School is truly inspiring. Through weekly Christian groups and life orientation sessions, Sboniso has witnessed remarkable growth and engagement among the students, with many displaying a genuine thirst for spiritual understanding. Your financial and prayer support are crucial in enabling Sboniso to continue his vital ministry, touching the hearts and minds of these young individuals. Your contributions will help ensure that more students have the opportunity to encounter the transformative power of God’s word, leading to lasting change and spiritual growth.

Please consider partnering with us in supporting Sboniso’s ministry as we lead young people to know and walk with God.

Thank you for your generosity and prayers. Contact or click here for partnering information.

Yours in Christ 

Garland Sam

Provinicial Director – KZN 

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