Heroes for Hope Launched

The Heroes for Hope programme has provided us with a valuable experience as we actively engage with learners in the classroom. Being present in the classroom has opened our eyes to observe the different behaviors exhibited by the learners during study time and lesson delivery. Some of these behaviors can be disruptive and have an impact on the learning environment. However, it is important to note that there are learners who display good behavior as well. We are currently in the process of providing support to address these disruptive behaviours and understand the underlying causes.

Our aim is to walk alongside the learners and utilize the Heroes for Hope materials to assist them. It is evident that the learners themselves are not the problem, but rather their behavior and response to studying in the classroom, which affects the teaching process. We place our trust in God and rely on His transformative power through this programme.

Heroes for Hope has blessed both learners and facilitators, equipping us to navigate challenges and finding encouragement in their shared experiences. It’s amazing to witness how even disinterested learners become engaged and make progress. Positive changes in classroom dynamics, including improved relationships among classmates, show the programme’s transformative impact.

Every day at school brings reasons to pray. The Heroes for Hope programme not only benefits learners but also strengthens our relationship with God as we seek His guidance and draw strength. Our dedication to making a difference stems from our faith in God’s transformative power.

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