Froggy Pond Girls Camp January 2023

The Froggy camp was an epic experience that left a massive impact on all of us! Shaunique Kannemeyer shared that the camp made her see life from a different angle and helped her grow as an individual. The staff and leaders were so friendly and welcoming, which made the experience even more memorable!

Amy-Lee was thrilled about the camp activities, like team building games, arts and crafts, and swimming, which made learning about God even more fun! And the best part was when the leaders spent time with each group, prayed and encouraged us! It was such a safe space where we could all be ourselves, feel loved and cared for, and learn about God.

Tiffany explained that Froggy wasn’t just a camp, it was a place where God touched young people’s lives. It was amazing to see the young kids worship and learn about their true identity as a child of God. Being part of such a blessed, fun, and tangible experience was an honour, and witnessing God change lives was beyond awesome!

The Froggy camp was an experience of a lifetime for all of us, and it’s safe to say we’ve all grown and learned so much. The leaders’ commitment to making the camp fun and educational was remarkable, and their dedication to ensuring that we had a positive experience is something that will stay with us forever.

Thank you to the Cape Times Fresh Air Fund who make this camp possible.

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