Embracing Faith with “Boys For God”

At Stithians Boys Prep, we are nurturing young hearts through our vibrant “Boys For God” gatherings. Every Friday during the first break, the boys come together for a fun and engaging session that blends messages of faith with lively activities. One of our recent highlights was an energetic game called “Head, Shoulders, Knees, PLATE!” which had everyone laughing and moving.

Our weekly meetings are more than just fun and games; they are an incredible journey through the stories of the Old Testament. Exploring these ancient texts with the boys has been a rewarding experience, as we delve into the timeless lessons and profound faith of biblical figures. Each session is crafted to bring the scriptures to life, helping the boys see how these stories relate to their own lives and strengthening their walk with God.

Seeing the enthusiasm and joy on the boys’ faces as they engage with these teachings is truly inspiring. We are grateful for the opportunity to guide them on their spiritual journey, building a foundation of faith that will support them throughout their lives. “Boys For God” is more than a club; it’s a growing community where young minds are shaped by the love and teachings of Christ.

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