Collaboration with Bible Society for Literacy Impact

In a world where literacy is a fundamental skill for success

In a world where literacy is a fundamental skill for success, the partnership between Scripture Union and Bible Society is making a significant impact on students’ lives. Through innovative programs and dedicated efforts, we are empowering young learners to improve their reading and comprehension abilities, unlocking a brighter future filled with possibilities.

Scripture Union and Bible Society have joined forces to implement literacy programs aimed at enhancing students’ reading skills. By incorporating engaging materials, such as scripture-based texts, into the curriculum, these programs not only foster literacy but also instill valuable moral and spiritual lessons.

Our program has been launched at Siphosethu Primary school with the Literacy program for the Grade 3’s to Grade 7 learners. The principal Mrs Luthuli, Jayce Naidoo and the educator responsible for the reading program seen with the grade three learners.  

Jayce Naidoo
Mission Enabler – Durban

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