Building Strong Foundations for Children’s Ministry

Inspiring Leadership Training in East London: Building Strong Foundations for Children’s Ministry

East London, May 11, 2024 — In a significant stride towards strengthening children’s ministry in Eastern Cape, Scripture Union EC recently conducted a comprehensive training session at Stirling Baptist Church in East London. The event, attended by 38 eager participants from East London, King William’s Town, and Mdantsane, focused on equipping leaders with essential skills and values for effective school ministry.

Empowering Leaders Across Generations:

The training session was a vibrant assembly of leaders ranging in age from 18 to over 60, all unified by a shared commitment to positively impact young lives. The diverse group delved into various crucial topics, including self-leadership, the core values of Scripture Union, lesson preparation, self-esteem, sharing the gospel in schools, media awareness in the context of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, child protection, and engaging educational games.

Creating Value-Driven Communities:

One of the highlights of the day was an engaging exercise on values. Participants were divided into groups and tasked with imagining the establishment of a new community or town. As part of the town council, they were given the opportunity to envision and list foundational changes and values they would introduce. This activity not only fostered creativity but also revealed the deep-seated values and priorities of the leaders.

Among the proposed values were universal access to food and shelter, acceptance and love for every individual, and the vital role of fathers in instilling godly principles in their children. The discussion on the role of fathers was particularly poignant, with passionate calls for greater paternal involvement to foster strong, value-driven boys who would grow into honorable men.

Building Future Leaders with Godly Values:

One group stood out for its fervent emphasis on the need for strong, godly male role models. They articulated a compelling vision for a society where fathers actively guide their children with godly values, addressing a perceived gap in today’s societal fabric. Their discourse underscored the importance of nurturing boys into men of valor, committed to living with zeal and honor for God.

A Shared Commitment to Service:

The training not only provided practical skills but also instilled a sense of purpose and community among the participants. The session concluded with a reflection on 1 Timothy 4:12, encouraging young leaders to set a powerful example in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.

Looking Ahead:

This training marks the beginning of a broader initiative to enhance children’s ministry across the region. Scripture Union EC plans to extend its training programs to King William’s Town and Umtata in the near future, continuing its mission to empower leaders and foster transformative change in communities.


The energy and dedication exhibited by the participants were inspiring, reaffirming the vital role of well-prepared leaders in shaping the future. As these newly trained leaders return to their communities, they carry with them invaluable tools and a renewed vision to make a lasting impact on the young lives they serve.

For more information about future training sessions and how to get involved, please visit the Scripture Union EC website

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