Khula 60

A sixty-day teen devotional journey for the new believer and those who need to refresh the foundations of their faith in Jesus.

So you've decided to follow Jesus? I guess that's why someone put this book into your hand. You came face to face with a story about Jesus and you decided to follow him. That is incredible, and it is the best decision you will ever make! One you will have to make again every day, and certainly not always the easiest or the least confusing… but the best for sure.

It is important that you begin this journey understanding the commitment you have been called into. God doesn't want to be a hobby or a part-time belief or something you do on the weekends or when it suits you.

He wants to be involved in every part of your life - from your relationship with your parents to how you spend your money to what things fill your mind with to the decisions you make about study and work relationships and sex.

God loves you completely and the invitation He gives is for you to "deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow Him."

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