Youth Leaders Training 2024: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders Today

We are thrilled to extend an incredible opportunity for you to invest in the growth and development of youth leaders within your church community. In the upcoming year of 2024, Scripture Union (SU) is embarking on an extensive Youth Leaders Training initiative known as YLT24. We recognize that effective leaders minister from a foundation of deposited knowledge, and YLT24 offers a pivotal chance to mould the leadership skills and spiritual journey of the young individuals in your congregation.

Unveiling the Aims of YLT24

The YLT24 program is designed with the key goals of equipping and empowering youth leaders to:

  1. Discover the Foundations: Delve deeper into the essence of Christ-cantered youth work and acquire the indispensable skills required for impactful ministry.
  1. Contextual Application: Explore the practical application of these principles within the unique ministry context of your church. Engage and connect with the youth through the transformative message of the Gospel.
  1. Foster Deeper Christ Relationships: Foster personal growth and spiritual development, enabling youth leaders to embody Christ-like character and lead through exemplary actions.

This program not only nurtures personal growth but also contributes to the vibrancy and vitality of your local church's youth ministry. By participating, youth leaders will be equipped to create a youth ministry plan that embeds depth and a lasting legacy within the fabric of your congregation.

An In-depth Look at the YLT24 Structure

Scheduled to unfold over ten months in 2024, YLT24 will kick off in March and conclude in November. This comprehensive journey will be presented in collaboration with three prominent youth non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the vibrant city of Cape Town:

Month 2024

Programme Element


Kick-off camp (Friday – Sunday)


One 3-hour Saturday meeting


One 3-hour Saturday meeting


One 3-hour Saturday meeting


One 3-hour Saturday meeting


One 3-hour Saturday meeting


Full Saturday Youth Leaders Training Conference


One 3-hour Saturday meeting


One 3-hour Saturday meeting

Graduation dinner + certificate of completion (Level 1 Youth Leadership)

Committing to YLT24: A Collective Effort

As we embark on this transformative journey, we kindly request the following commitments:

  • Youth Leader(s) Commitment: We seek your firm commitment to attending the kick-off camp and the eight training Saturdays. Engage thoughtfully with the content presented and proactively pursue personal growth.
  • Church Commitment: Endorse, select, and provide support for your engaged youth leader(s). Your investment in the future of youth ministry is pivotal, along with holding the youth leader(s) accountable for their active involvement.
  • Cost Commitment: We invite churches to consider sponsoring their youth leader(s)' participation by covering the program cost of R2000 (comprising an upfront payment of R1000 + five monthly payments of R200). Should financial constraints arise, we encourage exploring ways to raise funds from family, friends, and church members.
  • Scripture Union Commitment: While this is optional, SU extends a unique opportunity for deeper involvement with local schools. Engaging with a School Christian Group during lunchtime provides a tangible way to apply the YLT24 learning and contribute to the local community. Let us know if you are interested in this element too!

Seize the Opportunity!

We invite you to sign up for YLT24 by sharing your details through our online form. For any inquiries or further information, feel free to reach out to Jody at

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Author: Grant (SU)
Grant is married to Joanne and together they have two teenage boys, Seth and Ben. He is an ordained minister in the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa and served two local congregations before making the move to become the Regional Director of Scripture Union Western Cape. Grant loves working with his hands, especially with wood and leather. He also plays the odd game of Sunday cricket where he can be seen trying to bowl faster that his body allows him to.
Published: 4 September 2023
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