Christian Teachers Training

Scripture Union has a long legacy of running schools based Christian Groups.

These weekly groups are fun-filled and exciting gatherings of learners under our interdenominational banner. They provide the opportunity for young people to learn about God. Under the guidance of an enthusiastic teacher, parent or volunteer, young people are encouraged to explore their faith in Jesus and to help them become thoughtful and regular Bible readers. This is done through stories, games, discussions, music, testimonies, and object lessons. 

On Saturday 3rd September we had an opportunity to train 23 teachers to start and run these kinds of groups in junior and high schools. There was a mix of High School and Primary School teachers. Several of our SU staff were involved in delivering the training. In true SU style, the day was full on participative learning and group discussions. Even though we came there to deliver the training, we also learnt from this dedicated group of teachers. Each teacher left with a term's worth of material that we had prepared to support them in this important task. 

There are many demands on teachers and they are often hard pressed in their classroom environments. Please pray that God would strengthen and enthuse all Christian School 

Teachers as they make time to reach children for Christ.

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Author: Grant (SU)
Grant is married to Joanne and together they have two teenage boys, Seth and Ben. He is an ordained minister in the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa and served two local congregations before making the move to become the Regional Director of Scripture Union Western Cape. Grant loves working with his hands, especially with wood and leather. He also plays the odd game of Sunday cricket where he can be seen trying to bowl faster that his body allows him to.
Published: 23 February 2023
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