Children's Ministry Training 2023

The recent Children's Ministry Training day was a massive success, with over 185 delegates from more than 50 churches gathering to learn, grow, and be inspired. The day was filled with insightful talks and presentations from a range of speakers, all of whom had valuable insights to share on the importance of children's ministry in the kingdom of God.

Daryl's talk on why children's ministry is vital was particularly impactful, emphasizing that children matter to God and that ministry to young people is one of the most effective ways to mature them in the faith. Dani Moosajie also provided valuable tools and insights for teachers to help children who may be struggling with trauma or other challenges.

Cindy's session on the role of families in nurturing children's faith was equally inspiring, emphasizing that children are not just the church of the future, but the church of today. Erin's presentation on singing in children's ministry was also a hit, offering practical tips for choosing the right songs and engaging children in worship.

Overall, the Children's Ministry Training day was a fantastic opportunity for Children's Church leaders to come together, learn, and grow in their ministry. With such a strong turnout and a range of valuable insights shared, it's clear that this event has become a key fixture on the SU calendar. Let's continue to pray for all those who serve in children's ministry, trusting that God will give them strength and help them to flourish in their important work.

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Author: Shenick Visser
Shenick Visser is Western Cape staff member responsible for administration, Children's Ministry Training and Froggy Pond camping
Published: 12 April 2023
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