Welbedacht Holiday Club

We had a brilliant holiday club this July. We had the South African Police partner with us: they spoke to the children about abuse, drugs and safety and each child was given a soccer ball. The highlight of the holiday club however was telling children about Jesus and having 20 of them open their hearts to Him. It was a “wow” moment for us. Somehow this time the children were so receptive to the gospel, to our stories and to the activities. Every day was filled with excitement and anticipation. Our volunteers, most of them new, were so passionate and enthusiastic which added to us having an exhilarating holiday club. We Thank God for His provision, protection and His presence. We want to see every child know Him and everyone open their hearts and lives to Him.

Abigail Pillay
SU Chatsworth

My name is Leigh and I was a 1st time volunteer at the Scripture Union Welbedacht Holiday Club.
I loved every moment of it! What an awesome experience!!! My group was so adorable and couldn’t wait for their lessons, their Bible stories and activities. I watched children come every morning in the cold, so excited to see us and their friends. I realize that when we make ourselves availble we can make a difference in the lives of these little ones. If we do not share Jesus, how would these children know Him? This one week of holiday club has changed my life, the way I see things and the need to make Jesus known. I will be availble for the next holiday club and the next… I want to make a difference.

SU Chatsworth volunteer

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