Become an SU Volunteer

At SU we have different volunteer opportunities.

  • Trendsetters
  • Transformers
  • SUMMIT (SUIS only)
  • Activity volunteers


The Trendsetter programme offers young volunteer leaders a 6 to 12 month personal growth and leadership training experience. The programme begins in mid January and ends after the camping and holiday club season in July or December.

Successful applicants receive training in personal discipleship, basic theology, personal leadership development, counselling and programming, as well as presentation skills such as drama and clowning. Trendsetters are also trained in the facilitation and presentation of the SU Lifeskills course.

After the initial training period, the Trendsetter are each assigned to one of a SU Community Schools Worker. He/she will work alongside the Schools Worker for the period that he/she is involved in SU. Trendsetters will help the Schools Worker present the Lifeskills courses in schools. They will also be involved in running camps on weekends and during the holidays. Trendsetters may also be required to perform certain admin duties as well as help in the general maintenance of SU property and equipment (for example: work on a campsite).

Each Trendsetter needs to enlist friends who will offer prayer and financial support. Fees need to be paid at the beginning of each month. Fees cover training costs as well as all the fees of the camps that the Trendsetter attends. Overseas candidates and candidates from other provinces will also need to raise additional financial support in order to cover their board and lodging. Help and advice will be given to students accepted onto the programme in the raising of the required support.

Who can be a Trendsetter?

Anyone aged from 18 – 25 with an interest in schools, camping holiday clubs, admin work, who is willing to get stuck in
Anyone who has finished school or college/university and is looking for “a year out” before starting the next chapter of their life
Anyone willing to spend 6 – 12 months serving God in this way. This is not full time employment.
All volunteers must be committed Christians willing to subscribe to SU’s statement of belief.


Contact your nearest Regional Office to find out about our Transformers programme

Year of your life : Summit Team

Summit team is our residential year of your life programme situated at our home Campsite, Em’seni.

The team:

  • receive training and equipping to be involved in all areas of our ministry.
  • are developed in everyday life skills
  • study theological correspondence courses through S.A.T.S
  • are involved in our local community outreach and
  • follow a personal development programme.

Download the brochure here or complete the application form here

For more information please contact Diane at

Activity volunteer

As an activity volunteer you would only be involved once off with SU for a specific activity i.e. a holiday club, a camp or any special activity. Contact your nearest Regional Office to find out how you can get involved with Scripture Union.

For most volunteers who are involved with SU, once is all it takes to become a lifetime supporter of Scripture Union