Three creative ways of journaling

Once you have decided to journal, use these creative ways to enrich your journaling experience.

1. Photo Journal using Instagram
For those who would like to try something different, use an Instagram account to document your journaling. With Instagram you are able to make a separate login an set it as private, making your journey yours alone. Take your time and capture something related to your Bible reading or something reminding you of how great God is and use your comments section to write your thoughts or to add a scripture or use an overlay app to add scripture to your picture, click here for some great apps for download.

2. Using a journaling Bible.
You are now able to purchase journaling Bibles that have the right type of paper that can be used with watercolours, artist pens for doodling, distress markers and much more. If you are using Instagram use #journalingbible for some great examples of Bible journaling or have a look at our Pinterest page for some more creative ideas.

3. Art Journal
For those who are more artistic, an art journal is another great way of capturing your thoughts and looking back on what you have created brings a great sense of accomplishment. Use an inexpensive notebook if you are just starting out and start by drawing or cutting out pictures and creating a collage or use different mediums like watercolours or pencil crayons. If you are not sure where to start, have a look at this article. This year a group of designers will be documenting their faith in the form of art journals and seeing how God will answer their prayers. If you would like to join them click here.

Using any one of these creative journaling ideas together with your traditional written journal would be a great way to document your God moments and to see the creativity that God has given you come to life.

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