Superheroes Holiday Club SU Amatola

Matthew Tarboton (Regional Director of SU Amatola) and Dewald van der Walt (a fieldworker new to the SU Amatola team) were involved in the holiday club run at Vincent Methodist Church during the July holidays in East London. This Superheroes-themed holiday club was an energised and exciting week for all of the 183 kids who attended. They loved the superheroes theme – a fun and engaging way to introduce Jesus, the ultimate superhero who has saved us all.

The team of 35 volunteers included youth leaders from 3 churches in the area (Vincent Methodist, Nahoon Methodist and St Nicholas United churches), who all worked really hard preparing the hall and spent two weeks living and breathing holiday club. Their dedication made it a memorable time for the young people who attended.

Matthew Tarboton
SU Amatola

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