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Summer Camps 2014 was such a blast! What took months of preparation and endless meetings of planning paid off. The Summer Camps Planning Team was bittersweet at the end of these camps, bitter because everyone was exhausted from the planning and sweet because of a job well done.
Summer Special, Inspector Gadget investigating Jesus was AMAZING! We were left speechless at what a great job Inspector Gadget, played by Jon Allen and Heather played by Brittany Peterson, did at keeping the kids entertained with the dramas for each day. Some of our highlights from Summer Special were The Oscars and the Crazy Games. The leaders and work-crew were excellent and we all formed unbreakable relationships with one another. One of the kids mentioned; “I am so glad to have attended the camp because my parents aren’t saved and do not go to church, so I had to beg them to attend the camp and now I look forward to sharing what I’ve learnt with them”.

Summerlife theme for 2013 was Call of Duty: Armour of God and teaching us how we need to wear the Armour and apply it in our lives. Our guest speakers were Craig Duffield, Marc Morrell, Tim Marshall and Keith Lategan.






Just some pictures… more pics here

Sam Otigo
SU Algoa

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