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The year ended with a great two Regional Summer Camps which took place from the 10th-13th of December 2015, Activate for the teens and Super Heroes for the little ones. The camps were an incredible success with a total of 78 children in attendance from two Regions, Gauteng South and Gauteng North. On arrival at Stoney Ridge, the children filled the campsite with their excitement. Activate was the teenage group which consisted of 23 teenagers in total. Superheroes, which was the Primary School group, consisted of 53 children.


Both groups had separate camp programmes that never clashed throughout the entire camp. This was done so that both groups could feel like they were the only group at the campsite. They used different halls and different dorm rooms on opposite sides of the campsite. The camp began by introduction of leaders, and orientation to the camp. The children spent most of the time swimming following the December heat wave. Unfortunately, there were power cuts, so instead of the planned movies, we had the bonfire with marshmallows on the first night of camp.

The Activate group had their Obstacle Course and Survivor games on the second day of camp. The third day was the busiest with the Sports guys from O.M. taking over the day, by ministering through sports. This was an overwhelming success for both leaders and children. The last day saw us concluding everything, games and discussions. The kids played different games, swam, sang a lot of songs, ate, had lots of fun, and learnt
from their leaders.

I had so much fun at camp, I’m coming back as a leader next year – Nomfundo, Activate Camp

I’m coming back with all my friends next year. – Superheroes Camp

Thabo Putu
SU Gauteng South

#Activate Summer Camp 2015 | SU Gauteng North

Everyone normally has their summer plans jotted down... AND SO DID WE!! Scripture Union <a href="">Gauteng South</a> and

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