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O N E D R O POur biennial Staff Conference was held this year in July at Stoney Ridge Campsite. The theme was “Back to School – Enabling for Impact”, with the focus was on how we, as staff, can enable volunteers to really impact young people in South Africa.

We spent several of our sessions looking at various things we do in schools, as that is where lots of young people spend lots of their time! One of the learnings that came out of many of the sessions was that we need to start on the inside. In other words, if we want young people to engage with the Bible, we must be engaging with the Bible; if we want them to live healthy Godly lives, we need to be living healthy Godly lives; if we want to train volunteers well, we must be well-trained. It was a great challenge for all of us! Most of the sessions were taken by staff members and involved lots of interaction and discussion. Chililza Nkabinde (a past manager of Stoney Ridge Campsite) was our plenary speaker and even the electives were led by staff or past-staff! It was great to have such a “family feel” and to learn from people with experience.

Now to put it all into practice…

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