SU Bible Reading Method

PRAY before you read, asking GOD to help you understand His Word. Open your heart to the working of the Holy Spirit for it is He who bears witness to Jesus Christ. Expect that God will speak to you personally. Spend time in personal worship.

READ the passage for the day in your Bible.
Read it through once, then a second time more carefully.

REFLECT on what you have read, ready to obey GOD’s Word to you.
Ltofor the link with what you read yesterday.
About what or about whom are these verses speaking? What is the main thought? The key
words? Write down a quick summary!

What does the passage teach about God the Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit?
Is there a good example to follow?
Is there a promise?
Is there an instruction to obey?
Is there a warning?
Is there a bad example?
Are there other biblical passages which help me to understand what I have read?

Read your SU notes to help you to further understand the passage.
Were any further insights to be gained?

APPLY what GOD teaches you from His Word to the situations in your life.
Choose a verse, command or thought, which especially speaks to you. Decide how you are going to apply it today.

Summarise your response.

PRAY again asking GOD to help you live out His Word, using the thoughts you have gained from your reading.
Ask God to help you to put your discoveries into practice, and obey the things that He’s been teaching you.

Now go and put the Word into action in your life. Share it with others. Meet with others regularly to share with and encourage one another.

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