Shoes for Schools

Scripture Union Amatola are working to help learners in disadvantaged schools, one pair of shoes at a time, through their ‘Shoes 4 Schools’ project.

The project was started in 2007 by Scripture Union Amatola’s then Regional Director, Sue Bentley, and has impacted over 7000 learners over the last nine years. Partnering with schools across East London, Scripture Union Amatola collects shoes that have been donated to the project by leaners who have outgrown their shoes. All shoes are lovingly sorted by size, cleaned and distributed to learners in need. This year, learners from Cranberry Primary School, Pefferville Primary School, Willow Park Primary School, Aphendale Secondary School, Noncedo Combined School and a school in Reeston have received shoes.

“We have built good relationships with these schools over the years. Ahead of time, the teachers identify the learners that need shoes and when we deliver them, we fit each child and get to see the joy on their faces!” Since its launch, the project has expanded, and various individuals and businesses have joined in, donating money, shoes and volunteering their time. – Matthew Tarboton (SU Amatola Regional Director)

“When a friend of mine, who lives in Norway, read about our project on Facebook, he approached his Business Networking Group about supporting us. For the last three years, they’ve taken up a collection for this project. This year, their donation in rands came to R13 100. We were able to buy 94 new pairs of shoes – thanks to Glen’s Shoes in Union Street who give us an excellent price – which we distributed to learners at Cranberry Primary, Pefferville Primary and a school in Reeston just last week [12 October].”

If you’d like to contact Scripture Union Amatola about getting involved in this project, please call their office (043 726 0202) or email












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