Scripture Union brought light into my life

I don’t know where to begin. Scripture Union has brought light into my life. I remember the first time I met the SU team, under staff members, Mzwai, Doc and others. If I could connect with them again, I would thank them for their contribution into my life – something I will never forget.

I met these guys at the age of 14 years, doing my Grade 8. To a young boy growing up in Mdantsane (Eastern Cape), God brought them at the right time because I was at the initial stages of doing all the wrong things that young boys do when growing up.

SU has equipped me in all aspects of my life: scripturally, socially, with life skills, how to behave as a teenager and how to speak English (a very important aspect). I remember we used to debate against different schools in Mdantsane and they used to give us difficult topics and we would complain. I still remember Mzwai saying to us: “you can make it”! And that was true – in most debating competitions we did make it.

One of the greatest moments I enjoyed with SU was going to camp. I don’t know how to express this, but that moment you would leave home for a weekend camp was amazing! We knew we would eat nice food (at home, we would only eat nice food when there was a special occasion as we could not afford it). Highlights included meeting students from different schools and playing games. I wish I could return to those moments. All those things I have mentioned above have made a huge impact on my life.

One of the most important aspects that’s made me be who I am today is learning to value myself and know that my body is the temple of Christ. The SU team never comprises about abstinence – they preached it every session we had with them. Thank you so much to Mzwai and your team and much gratitude to Scripture Union! Today I am a biotechnologist because of your teachings.

Vuyisa Sholo

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