WordSpace is a way to help you encounter God in the spaces of each busy day. We have a really cool team of writers who know what its like to be a young person trying to figure out life with God. Our posts take less than 45 seconds to read. Besides being short, we write them to be as real, relevant and Biblical as we can.

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Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

As you know, just reading a book is hard for many children and teenagers. Reading a book written by different authors from different historical periods and in different styles can be even harder! Reading the Bible though is integral to our spiritual growth as followers of Jesus. Th
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Wordspace has a new look You might have noticed that we have made some changes to our website, mobile APP, and social media platforms. As a ministry focussing on teenagers and as we are living in the technological savvy, visually stimulated era, we want to continue to be
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