E100 Bible-reading Challenge

Our heart, as is yours, is to see church members meeting God daily in His Word. Research shows that many South African households have Bibles, yet these aren’t being used. The Church has a significant role to play in shaping the culture of the country. Our role as believers is to be able to live out God’s Word in a way that points people to the cross! E100 is an affordable, effective and strategic tool to get people in our churches reading the Word daily. It includes a carefully selected list of short Bible passages – 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New. The passages are usually one to two chapters in length and can easily be read in 10 minutes or less. The E100 Challenge takes a reader through all of the major types of Biblical writing, including Historical Books, Poetry and Wisdom Literature, the Prophets, the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles and Revelation. The Bible passages are organised into 20 sets of 5 readings each. The bottom line is that E100 is a Bible-reading plan your people will love to complete. SU South Africa has the highly affordable materials ready to send to you: a personal Bible-reading card, plus a leader’s Discussion Guide containing questions. Ideally it is an individual plan but in the context of a small group. So it is ideal for Home Fellowships / Cell groups.

Click here to download the E100 Bible reading challenge

E100 Big Bible Challenge for kids

Based on the E100 Bible Challenge set of readings, this UK produced children’s ministry tool is a fantastic and versatile tool for an effective overview of the whole Bible. It is set up into ready-to-use sessions with children, including activities, diagrams, explanations and applications. Suitable for Sunday School groups, School Christian Groups or any group with children, E100 Big Bible Challenge can be ordered from SU Fieldwork Resources.

For more information concerning the E100 challenge contact info@su.org.za