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Surely my favourite part of working at SU Books is hearing the customers’ stories and connecting with them in some small way – being part of God’s “Big Picture”!

We had a new customer in the shop the other day – her first time to SU Books – who teaches art at a mental rehab centre where she also witnesses to the staff. Some are Muslim and quietly come to her and ask for prayer. Hallelujah! She discreetly leaves tracts around the workplace which discreetly disappear too! She came in to collect some Alpha course manuals for a friend, but left also with some tracts and a book to encourage her 13 year old son who recently committed his life to Christ and is wanting to be bold in making a stand for his faith at school. Praise God! She promised to be back, and we promised to pray for her and the challenging prison ministry she is also involved in.

We recently had a couple come into the shop whose 13 year old son was asking how he can be sure he’s saved. They wanted to know if we had some material they could give him and ended up taking SU notes – the new Khula 60.

This afternoon two women arrived together: the older one telling me she’s needing something for the younger one who is not yet a Christian, but seeking. So exciting! She left with a copy of SU’s Daily Bread for New Christians: 40 days of inspiration from the Bible. The book answers specific questions for individuals exploring Christian faith, tips for effective Bible reading and daily devotional. We are praying she finds the Lord.

Jeannette McClure
SU Rondebosch Bookshop Assistant

Partnering in Bible distribution

An exciting initiative has developed in the SU Kwazulu Natal regions where the Bible Society have partnered with the SU teams in terms of targeted Bib

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