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My SU journey began in 1986 when I attended Igoda Mini Camp as an “illegal” assistant leader, you see I wasn’t a Christian, but really loved children, my good friends Karen & Manda were going on camp and invited me to join them. Little did I know, that my slipping into the camp was all part of God’s big plan for my life. I had been going to SCA and enjoyed it, but on that camp when the opportunity arose for the children to give their lives to the Lord, I sat quietly and started my walk with Jesus.


I slowly moved up through the ranks, thanks to the wonderful leadership training that SU provided from assistant leader to co-director in 1989. In 1991, just 6 months after getting married to Louis, I joined SU Border (now Amatola) as their Primary Schools Field Worker. It was a tough act to follow as Eunice McCarthy my predecessor and mentor, was a great organiser. But I was privileged to join at the same time as Barry Adkins (High Schools Field Worker) and we worked well together.

I attended 10 consecutive Mini Camps, the last one I lead in 1995, was my last event as a staff member, because I was pregnant with our twin boys Benjamin and Daniel. I learnt many valuable lessons through my SU training both as a teenager and a staff member: about being part of a team, running small groups, which was exceptionally valuable as I ran a Smile Education Team for many years, then my own playschool and my own family with three little boys, as Kenan arrived in 1997.

As I look back on the path that the Lord has taken me on in the almost 30 years since my first Mini Camp, it is easy to see His hand in everything. I am now the Children’s Worker at First City Baptist Church and I continue to use many SU resources. We have started running Holiday Club in June/July and I run two Life Skills classes at a local school using the JIKA programme, I was fortunate to have been on the staff of SU when the Life Skills Programme was introduced to SA. My SU involvement has certainly equipped me for life and ministry and I am extremely grateful to the Lord for the friends that he gave me way, way back. Karen and I remain very good friends.

Paula Coetzer
SU Amatola

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