School Christian Groups

SU is active in hundreds of primary and high schools across South Africa, where our staff train and support voluntary workers to run evangelistic programmes. Through this work thousands of otherwise un-churched children and young people are learning more about the good news of Jesus Christ. Given the multi-faith nature of our schools, it is vital that Christian teachers are also supported and encouraged to witness to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. School Christian Groups play an important role in achieving this objective.

One aspect of our schools’ programme is School Christian Groups (SCGs), which we are keen to see happen in both primary and high schools. Our primary school groups are called SU Khula Kidz Clubs. In high schools young people call their Christian group by a variety of names, we call them SCG’s.

What is a School Group?

An SU Khula Kidz Club or SCG is a totally interdenominational Christian society in a school. It is a voluntary association meeting weekly or daily, under the guidance of an enthusiastic teacher or parent of mature Christian commitment.

The Aim

An SU Khula Kidz Club or SCG aims to encourage young people to explore faith in Jesus Christ and to help them become regular thoughtful Bible readers – a solid foundation for a life of Christian service. We are committed to demonstrating this aim by playing a practical role in the life of the school and by retaining the confidence placed in us by school authorities and parents.

The Advantages

The imparting of the Christian message and values by SU leaders through SU Khula Kidz Clubs or SCG’s weekend camps and inter-school activities continues to have a life-changing impact on young people, helping them develop as whole people – socially, mentally, spiritually and physically, and enabling them to witness to their schools and communities. Thousands across South Africa bear testimony to the value of SU Khula Kidz Clubs in Primary Schools and SCGs in High Schools.

What Is SU’s Involvement?

As an organisation, we aim to assist SU Khula Kidz Clubs or SCGs, their leaders and schools in the following ways:

  1. Advising new adult and student leaders on how to start and effectively run a group.
  2. Supporting leaders in their role of leading a group.
  3. Facilitating regular meetings of leaders for encouragement and support.
  4. Assisting group leaders with inter-school weekend camps and other inter-school activities.
  5. Being available to visit school SU Khula Kidz Clubs or SCGs and to address school assemblies as part of our Community Lifeskills Strategy.
  6. Recommending resource material for SU leaders
  7. Running our Lifeskills Programmes for Grade 6 to 10 learners in the school.
  8. Organising holiday activities for children such as camps and holiday clubs.

SU’s Philosophy of Christian Groups in High School

  1. We’re committed to working in ways that reflect our beliefs in appropriate cooperation with schools who welcome us.
  2. Because all Christians have been called to serve, we emphasise training of learners for Christian witness, service and leadership, according to individual gifts, maturity, and the level of ability in the group.
  3. We maintain a truly interdenominational fellowship. The propagation through SU of particular views or practices of any individual, group, church or denomination is not allowed. Our commitment is to being simply Christian, not denominational.
  4. SU SCGs are not to be used as a platform to promote other programmes or camps.
  5. We’re committed to evangelism and prayer. However, our experience shows us that special care needs to be taken.
  6. We encourage regular, thoughtful and systematic Bible reading, especially using SU’s materials and resources.
  7. We ask for your loyalty to SU.
  8. Commitment to Excellence.
  9. Partnership
  10. Leadership
  11. Serving

If you are a teacher or student who would like to start an SCG at your school, contact your nearest SU office for information. If you already have an SCG we can provide training for your teachers and leaders.