Empower Leadership Camps

(Only in Western Cape)

Empower is one of SU South Africa’s programmes aimed at training young Christian leaders to lead in their high schools.

We have been involved in ministry in schools in South Africa for almost a century. Over these years we have earned the trust of the authorities. We would not like to see that trust broken or jeopardised in any way and have come up with a number of important values when working in a school.

These values ensure that both the school authorities and SU have a clear understanding of what the SCG will and wont do in a school.

SU’s Philosophy of Christian Groups in High School

  1. We’re committed to working in ways that reflect our beliefs in appropriate cooperation with schools who welcome us.
  2. Because all Christians have been called to serve, we emphasise training of learners for Christian witness, service and leadership, according to individual gifts, maturity, and the level of ability in the group.
  3. We maintain a truly interdenominational fellowship. The propagation through SU of particular views or practices of any individual, group, church or denomination is not allowed. Our commitment is to being simply Christian, not denominational.
  4. SU SCGs are not to be used as a platform to promote other programmes or camps.
  5. We’re committed to evangelism and prayer. However, our experience shows us that special care needs to be taken.
  6. We encourage regular, thoughtful and systematic Bible reading, especially using SU’s materials and resources.
  7. We ask for your loyalty to SU.
  8. Commitment to Excellence.
  9. Partnership
  10. Leadership
  11. Serving