SU believes in the benefits of wholesome and healthy outdoor activities in young people’s development. We run many children’s and teens’ camps, where young people enjoy the fun of being together, and have the opportunity of thinking more deeply about spiritual things.

The benefits of camping are numerous:

  1. Camping creates a temporary community which provides a sense of security and an opportunity to go “below the waterline” in a young person’s life.
  2. Camping provides the long periods of quality time to build relationships with young people.
  3. Camping is a tool which staff can use to fast track the leadership development of key volunteers. Because camp is such an intense ministry time, young leaders are able to grow quicker than through most other training methods.

Today camp is a place where young people from all walks of life are exposed to different world views. Camping at a quality campsite facility with warm beds, hot water and electricity can be a life changing event in some young person’s life, it is also a place to feel safe and secure and also see potential for a better standard of living. For those who ‘have it all’, camping in a very rustic setting can help people rediscover what is truly important in life.  The benefit of taking people out of their community and comfort zones cannot be underestimated as it allows people to stretch and grow.  Schools use mainly a cognitive learning style of educating. Camping uses experiential learning techniques more. This enables a number of young people who struggle in school to see themselves in a different light, boosting their self esteem.  Although it is one of the most difficult and complex activities to organize, it requires the most effort and is the most emotionally draining, it produces the best results in terms of leading young people to the Lord and in growing the church’s future leadership.

The types of camps which SU runs are as follows:

  • Children’s interschool camps during school holidays
  • Teenage interschool camps during school holidays
  • Life skill camps run during the school term for schools
  • Leadership camps for school leaders
  • Weekend Adventure camps
  • Weekend Children’s camps
  • School Christian Group Committee Training Camps
  • Various other training camps

Each SU camp requires leaders and SU provides training for every leader who wishes to be part of our camping programme. Being a leader on one of SU’s camps is an excellent opportunity to grow as a Christian and to develop your leadership skills.

To find out which SU camps are being offered in your area contact your local Scripture Union office as these activities are most often coordinated from these offices.