Island style! – KHULA | SU South Africa

Over the past year, SU South Africa partnered with SU Vanuatu (South Pacific Islands) by providing our Khula Teens daily Bible-reading guide as a basis for their new resource, known as Grow. In line with SU International’s new drive to encourage cross-border partnering, this project has come to successful fruition with the printing of Grow. This resource, about to be delivered and distributed in the South Pacific, is based on Khula. The SU Vanuatu team felt that our southern hemisphere, not-so-western material for teens was appropriate to their context and set about adapting it.

According to champion Jon Paschke (SU Vanuatu): “We are really pleased to say that it is now completed, and in fact has already been printed, and is being shipped to the Pacific as we speak! The finished product looks really good, and we are looking forward to making it available to the young people of the Pacific as much as we can – and helping them meet Jesus as they read their Bibles. I fondly remember meeting back in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur and, to me, it has been a wonderful God-inspired story. Thank you to you and your team at SU South Africa from all of us over here in the Pacific region. May our Lord bless SU South Africa abundantly, and especially for the way that you have generously shared God’s wisdom, inspiration, and grace to other young people in God’s wonderful world.”

SU is committed to partnering with, and learning much from, other SU movements from across the globe in the years to come.

Alan Pitt
SU Operation Director

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