More Right Moves

The Tougher Issues is a follow-up course to All the Right Moves and is aimed at the 16 to 18 year age group. It deals with some of the tougher issues surrounding sexuality for which there are no easy answers.

Course Modules:

  • Starting Over: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
  • Reality Check: The Reality of Absolute Values
  • Values: Getting on the Right Track
  • Is Gay OK? The Homosexuality Question
  • Virginity: Coming out of the Closet
  • Gender Issues: Sugar and Spice
  • Responsible Choices: Abstinence and Contraceptives
  • AIDS: Living with the Reality
  • Addictions: Controlling your Life and Wasting your Time
  • Dating: Finding your Soul Mate
  • Marriage: Does it Still Work?
  • Pregnancy: What are the Options?