The Scripture Union Lifeskills Education courses help children and young people develop the necessary skills for effective decision-making in the areas of sexuality and relationships.

Through our Lifeskills programme for primary and both junior and high school pupils, young people are taught how to develop a positive self-image; make right choices; handle sexual and family relationships responsibly and how to overcome prejudice and cope with the temptation of crime.

In addition to providing information, the courses focus on encouraging young people to choose a set of values and attendant behaviours that will put them at least risk of HIV infection.

The courses are offered to all young people irrespective of race, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. This national AIDS intervention project has been running for thirteen years and reaches approximately 30 000 young people per year.

The course is based on an approved curriculum that is presented by a network of trained volunteer workers, recruited from the various communities in which the programme is presented. Formal training is provided for all one-year volunteers through residential training courses and on-going on-the-job training provided by field supervisors.

SU Lifeskills Courses

All The Right Moves (Grade 8-10)

Decide Right

Beautiful People

Crime Free

More Right Moves