The Scripture Union Lifeskills Education courses help children and young people develop the necessary skills for effective decision-making in the areas of sexuality and relationships.

Through our Lifeskills programme for primary and both junior and high school pupils, young people are taught how to develop a positive self-image; make right choices; handle sexual and family relationships responsibly and how to overcome prejudice and cope with the temptation of crime.

In addition to providing information, the courses focus on encouraging young people to choose a set of values and attendant behaviours that will put them at least risk of HIV infection.

The courses are offered to all young people irrespective of race, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. This national AIDS intervention project has been running for thirteen years and reaches approximately 30 000 young people per year.

The course is based on an approved curriculum that is presented by a network of trained volunteer workers, recruited from the various communities in which the programme is presented. Formal training is provided for all one-year volunteers through residential training courses and on-going on-the-job training provided by field supervisors.

SU Lifeskills Courses

All The Right Moves (Grade 8-10)

All the Right Moves

All the Right Moves Lifeskills for an AIDS-free generation aimed at the 13 to 16 year age group addresses the issue of sexual decision – making with which young people are particularly struggling. Each module is practical and useful and aims to help young people choose that set of values which places them at least risk of harm. A must for all of South Africa’s young people intent on acquiring skills for a successful entry into confident and responsible adulthood.

Course Modules:

  • Doesn’t have to be this way (Life to the Full
  • You’re Worth It (You are valuable)
  • Your Move (Choices, Freedom and Responsibilities)
  • Decide to Decide Right (Decision-Making)
  • Wrong Moves (Influences)
  • The Big Love (Modules for Love and Loving)
  • Worth the Wait (Sexuality is Valuable)
  • Less than the Best (Sexuality Can be Devalued)
  • Best Moves (Alternatives for better Friendships)
  • Down, But Not Out (Exploitation)
  • Who Cares? (Compassion)
  • Pacesetting (Influencing)

Decide Right
Decide Right

Decide Right Foundations for an AIDS-free generation aimed at the 11 to 14 year age group attempts to provide solid foundations to assist young people cope with the myriad of issues which they now begin to face in the area of sexual decision making. Each module is practical and useful and aims to help young people choose that set of values which places them at risk of harm. A must for all of South Africa’s young people intent on acquiring skills for a successful entry into their teenage years.

Course Modules:

  • The Great Adventure (Life Challenges and changes)
  • Who Makes the Rules? (Choices)
  • What’s It Worth? (Values)
  • Marvellous Me (You are Valuable)
  • Decide to Decide Right (Decision-Making)
  • Marvellous You (People are Valuable)
  • Love (Models For Love and Loving)
  • What’s the Big Deal? (Sex and Marriage)
  • Happy Families (Family Relationships)
  • Make it Have a Happy Ending (People Aren’t Perfect)
  • Who Cares (Love and Caring)
  • When I Grow Up (Goals for tomorrow)

Beautiful People
Beautiful People
Skills for Living in a Rainbow Nation is an attempt to help young people between the age of 12 and 15 to understand and respect each other’s cultures, religions and histories. It also aims to help young people cope with the difficulties experienced in being part of fragmented and often less than perfect families. For young people of different cultures who are currently in schools together this programme will help them to learn to live together in a harmonious way in which they learn to respect each others’ diversity. For all you South Africans Beautiful People will help them to come to terms with living in a newly democratic country. Our aim is to teach them skills for making good decisions and contributing to the building of our nation.

Course Modules:

  • Religious Tolerance – No Sandpaper Living
  • Religious Tolerance – Religions in Reality
  • Human Rights – My place in this World
  • Human Rights – Turning Wrongs into Rights
  • Racism and Prejudice – Leaving the Holocaust
  • Racism and Prejudice – Cultural Identity
  • Racism and Prejudice – Living Side by Side
  • Truth and Reconciliation – Dwell or Deal
  • Truth and Reconciliation – Where to from here?
  • Family Relationships – What is a Family?
  • Family Relationships – Hectic Homes?
  • Family Relationships – Divorce?
  • Family Relationships – Domestic Violence?
  • Family Relationships – Communication?

Crime Free
Crime Free

Lessons in honest living is an attempt to help young people between the ages of 12 and 14 make good decisions about facing reality rather than taking drugs to escape or embarking upon a lifetime of crime to make money. It deals with fundamental issues such as developing a work ethic, resolving conflict without resorting to violence, controlling anger and escaping the pressure to be part of a gang.

Course Modules:

  • Crime – Way more than a Statistic
  • Crime – Making Money Legally
  • Crime – The Gang thing
  • Violence – Why and What?
  • Violence – Who’s Responsible?
  • Violence – Anger and Aggression
  • Violence – The Price of Peace
  • Violence – Resolving Conflict
  • Drugging – Drug Update, What and Why?
  • Drugging – Drugs Free… To Last
  • Drugging – Drugs and Emotions
  • Drugging – Helping Others

More Right Moves
More Right Moves

The Tougher Issues is a follow-up course to All the Right Moves and is aimed at the 16 to 18 year age group. It deals with some of the tougher issues surrounding sexuality for which there are no easy answers.

Course Modules:

  • Starting Over: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
  • Reality Check: The Reality of Absolute Values
  • Values: Getting on the Right Track
  • Is Gay OK? The Homosexuality Question
  • Virginity: Coming out of the Closet
  • Gender Issues: Sugar and Spice
  • Responsible Choices: Abstinence and Contraceptives
  • AIDS: Living with the Reality
  • Addictions: Controlling your Life and Wasting your Time
  • Dating: Finding your Soul Mate
  • Marriage: Does it Still Work?
  • Pregnancy: What are the Options?


Jika is a lifeskills resource for teenagers consisting of 27 practical and interactive modules geared towards providing young people with the skills they need to grow up to enjoy a worthwhile and fulfilling life, free from the fear of AIDS, and substance abuse, optimistic about their own potential and role in South Africa’s future.

Course Modules:

  • Self-esteem
  • Substance abuse
  • Abstinence
  • Bullying
  • Stress
  • Grief and Death
  • Goal Setting