Decide Right

Decide Right Foundations for an AIDS-free generation aimed at the 11 to 14 year age group attempts to provide solid foundations to assist young people cope with the myriad of issues which they now begin to face in the area of sexual decision making. Each module is practical and useful and aims to help young people choose that set of values which places them at risk of harm. A must for all of South Africa’s young people intent on acquiring skills for a successful entry into their teenage years.

Course Modules:

  • The Great Adventure (Life Challenges and changes)
  • Who Makes the Rules? (Choices)
  • What’s It Worth? (Values)
  • Marvellous Me (You are Valuable)
  • Decide to Decide Right (Decision-Making)
  • Marvellous You (People are Valuable)
  • Love (Models For Love and Loving)
  • What’s the Big Deal? (Sex and Marriage)
  • Happy Families (Family Relationships)
  • Make it Have a Happy Ending (People Aren’t Perfect)
  • Who Cares (Love and Caring)
  • When I Grow Up (Goals for tomorrow)