Beautiful People

Skills for Living in a Rainbow Nation is an attempt to help young people between the age of 12 and 15 to understand and respect each other’s cultures, religions and histories. It also aims to help young people cope with the difficulties experienced in being part of fragmented and often less than perfect families. For young people of different cultures who are currently in schools together this programme will help them to learn to live together in a harmonious way in which they learn to respect each others’ diversity. For all you South Africans Beautiful People will help them to come to terms with living in a newly democratic country. Our aim is to teach them skills for making good decisions and contributing to the building of our nation.

Course Modules:

  • Religious Tolerance – No Sandpaper Living
  • Religious Tolerance – Religions in Reality
  • Human Rights – My place in this World
  • Human Rights – Turning Wrongs into Rights
  • Racism and Prejudice – Leaving the Holocaust
  • Racism and Prejudice – Cultural Identity
  • Racism and Prejudice – Living Side by Side
  • Truth and Reconciliation – Dwell or Deal
  • Truth and Reconciliation – Where to from here?
  • Family Relationships – What is a Family?
  • Family Relationships – Hectic Homes?
  • Family Relationships – Divorce?
  • Family Relationships – Domestic Violence?
  • Family Relationships – Communication?