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Daryl Henning Just a few weeks ago, 70 directors and coordinators from 35 holiday clubs gathered for an appreciation dinner at the Western Cape offices. What a night as we listened to testimony after testimony of the Lord’s goodness! Although I am well aware that numbers are not important, we had set out a bold prayer for 500 first time commitments this holiday season. Our theme for the evening was taken from Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or think or imagine.” So by the time the 6th director had shared, I had already tallied up 494 first time decision… I decided to stop counting!

We saw the Lord at work in a wide range of ways. For instance we had to be escorted by the police to one of the clubs whilst the numbers at another club was 643 children. We saw the Lord provide food for every leader and in many cases miraculous stories of the Lord’s provision to feed the children as well. One parent arrived on a day with 400 loaves of bread.

On a personal note, my daughter Tiffany led for the first time at a holiday club. Not only did I see phenomenal growth in her but when asked if she would lead again she replied: Dad, in the light of the joy of leading 2 girls to faith, I would love to do this again”. One evening I dropped her off at her section leaders meeting and thought I should wait for her at a nearby coffee shop. Instead, her leader took me through to meet his dad and 2 hours later I had the joy and privilege of leading his dad to the Lord and praying for his mom too. I watched in excitement as his mom attended the commissioning service the following Sunday and a family’s life changed forever.

Now that is reason to get excited! God is indeed at work in the communities of our world through this amazing tool called a holiday club!

Daryl Henning
SU Western Cape

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