You have it in your hands to change lives


If you need validation about the value of our Scripture Union Holiday Clubs, there’s no better person to do that than Nigel Adriaanse, who has been a holiday club volunteer for 20 years.

‘Whilst still at university and eager for adventure, I signed on to help Scripture Union run their holiday clubs. On the first occasion, I was confronted with close to 500 children in desperate need of the Gospel and someone to show them that they mattered. Children who needed to find a better way to live, and to discover Christ’s deep love for them, a love showed by dying on the cross for the salvation of mankind.

For some attendees, this was the first and only time that they’d experienced unconditional love with no expectation of anything in return. And subsequently, year after year they would return, to spend a life-changing week of rare fun and laughter, friendly faces and loving arms, music, stories, drama, goodies and prizes, and God’s Word.

From those early holiday clubs have come leaders (even in Parliament), TV personalities, a radio DJ, international soccer referee, business owners, and above all, Christians.’

Nigel will also tell you that the need today is as great as it was two decades ago. Our youth are our future and they are in crisis. Every day spent at our holiday clubs can influence that future.

If you care about positive change – even reaching that ONE child for Christ – and securing the future of our country, please click here to donate now, and generously give us your holiday club sponsorship.

The clubs are run in partnership with churches which provide the safe venue, but we need donations for refreshments and the daily lunch we provide, for materials for drama activities, as well as stationery items like paper, pens, crayons and paint. And if you’d also like to volunteer, Diane Evans at our National office would love to hear from you. Tel: 039 685 5888 or email

You have it in your hands to change lives. Please will you send your sponsorship gift now.

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