Grade 7 Prefect Camp – Factreton Primary

I cannot describe how thankful I am to the Scripture Union Western Cape Regional office for allowing me to direct a
camp this past weekend.

Looking back and being in class with the learners during the week of our life skills sessions, the Lord has given me
such a wonderful opportunity to touch lives. I am amazed that in such a short space of time, the fruits of this labour
are already beginning to show. Each time I walk down the road in my area, my name is called by some child who saw
my face at his school.

I am so humbled and grateful for people like Daryl Henning, Karen Meyer and all the workers at SU who guided
me through this weekend. At the beginning of the camp there was a lot of disunity, as most of the campers were
unchurched and of a different faith. But during the camp a small little community had begun to blossom and by the
end, I heard a Muslim child thank Jesus for his life. Now to me, that was the highlight of my weekend.

Matthew Siebritz
SU Western Cape Trendsetter Volunteer

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